Master Servicing
Core Master Servicing
Nationstar provides stability and transparency on whole loan and securitization platforms by taking a proactive approach to portfolio administration. We offer expertise in loan boarding, servicer portfolio balancing, investor reporting, and oversight. Our control based environment provides multiple checks and balances by utilizing independent calculations, data integrity edits, and manual reviews to monitor the servicers’ reporting.
Shadow Master Servicing
Similar to Core Master Servicing, Shadow Master Servicing is a parallel process to another Master Servicer and does not impact the existing cash flow. Shadow Master Servicing can be performed on an entire platform or on a sample basis in order to monitor the Master Servicer of record.
Portfolio Accounting
Nationstar Master Servicing’s portfolio accounting system creates loan level journal entries that are compatible with most general ledger systems. Standard and/or customized reports are provided on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis at the preference of our clients. As part of our accounting process, we can track any outstanding advances at a loan level; even after the loan has been transferred or sold to ensure the clients have the ability to recover advances when possible. To assist our clients in managing the value of the portfolio, we have the ability to create adjustments in accordance with available accounting principles for loans held for sale and loans held for investment.
Existing Clients
Investor Portal - Nationstar’s proprietary Investor Portal provides our clients unprecedented access to loan and performance data.
Secure File Upload - Our Secure File Upload allows for the secure exchange of data between Nationstar and our business partners and clients.